Photos From The Spring Show

Artists’ Network Alpujarra
Expo de Primavera – Spring Show
In the old town hall, Órgiva.

Having arrived a few minutes before the official opening of the Spring Exhibition, I thought I’d have plenty of time to view each piece of artwork at my leisure. The first thing that struck me was what a marvellous space it was to exhibit work. I’d barely managed one circuit before the two rooms began to fill and we were all taken by surprise by how fast the show was crowded with admiring groups of people, both foreign and Spanish. The newly formed band ‘Otra Banda’ began to play, a soulful sound with a jazzy flavour that fitted so well with the mood, as the atmosphere was buzzing and excited.

The front balcony overlooking Órgiva high street was a place to cool down and chat with friends about the artwork. As you can see from these wonderful photos taken by Yasmina Fly, a really enjoyable evening ensued. Thanks to Yasmina for capturing the feel of the show.

Established artists in the ANA group were joined by some of the newer members, passionately wanting to show their work for the first time.

Red dots soon started to appear beneath work with eager buyers claiming their prizes. What is wonderful about this show is the diversity of work from all the 22 different artists.

The artwork sold so far are titled: ‘Distraction Patterns’, ‘Sin Titular’ and ‘Tolstoy’ by Sylvia, ‘El Beso’, by Jane, ‘Pinzas de metal’ by Charley, ‘The Dancer’ by Maxine, ‘Mountain Impression’ by John and ‘Fan and Gourd’ by Hilly.

Photos of the artwork by Emma Plunkett

You have until the 30th of June to get along to this amazing exhibition to grab a special piece of art of your own!
From ‘painterly’, to ‘abstract’, ‘illustrative’ to ‘graphic’, many mediums and techniques have been employed to give an exciting and memorable show, including 3D ceramic works from Jóse Vera, Emma Plunkett and Jeannette Hamman.


Also, 10% of any sales will go to the charity Proyecto Está.

We’d all like to thank Gareth for his hard work in getting this show up on the walls and ready in time. A mammoth undertaking. Also to Charley, who painted the walls after all the holes had been filled in.

Open until the 30th of June:
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 17:00 – 20:00
Thursday and Saturday 11:00 – 14:00

If you would like to hear ANA members discuss the art in detail you can download a podcast or listen on the previous post.

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