PINK – The Exhibition Photos

The exhibition continues until the 4th June 2017. Find the details in the previous post.

The Nazari Gardens

The gardens and adjoining building are a special place to hold an event. They are very photogenic with the tall trees and historical architectural features. The gardens and caves awed people to begin with and then the inaugural evening flowed as we all chatted about the art.

Pink Art

A lot of artists made new artwork especially for this PINK show. Weeks of man hours have gone into each piece. Making art is a speculative business and the return on investment is not guaranteed. However making art is also a gift to society and it needs to be seen and experienced. So a big thank you to everyone who has put their hearts and souls into this exhibition and to all those who came along, you made it all the more worth while. Here are a few of the 20 exhibiting artists with their take on pink art, photographed by Fran Capote:


ClaraBaza bought along her electric piano for background sounds. New member James Fox gave us his sweet tunes, ClaraBaza played beautifully and also we were privileged to hear the heart warming sounds of Lucía Díaz, who also sang and read a poem especially written for the event.


The light sculptures in the courtyard came into their own in the dimming evening light, casting soft pink hues across the walls from their re-purposed forms. The general take on the theme PINK was not one of just natural softness and femininity, as one might expect but more of a kind of show of strength and power within a soft arena. Many guests and artists turned up wearing PINK, which was lovely to see, as we drank pink cava and discovered the PINK art. Here are some of the highlights from the exhibition, photographed by Fran Capote, Jan Pozivil and Emma Plunkett:


So far we have had two radio interviews about our group and this  art exhibition – Radio Alpujarra interviewed Lucía Díaz and Radio Ondacero interviewed Wes Somerville.

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