The idea for the exhibition PINK was born out of our weekly meet ups. We were discussing a title for a show, even though we had all recently agreed against having themed exhibitions. Emma said, “What about just a colour.” Well known for her fondness of this colour, Pernille piped up “PINK”. And that is how this exhibition came into being.


Feel free to bring all your art loving friends to this event.

art exhibition invitation PINK

Interpretations of the Theme

The artists have each interpreted the theme in their own way. Many are demonstrating their love of certain shades of pink and others by what the colour represents to them, whether it be romance, softness, femininity, healing or the stark energy that red and white brings.


The 22 ANA exhibiting members are: Gareth Lister, Sebastian Lowsley-Williams, Wes Somerville, ClaraBaza, Emma Plunkett, Charley Werff, Klaus Schumacher, Guy Harris, John Wragg, Marilyn Fox, Azzi Shanahan, Meg Robinson, Fran Capote, Lucía Díaz, Fernando Helices Pacheco, Patricia Seymour, Ariane Sigmund, Vic Monfort, Tom Wilkes, Maxine Friday and Pernille Christensen who does graphic art and designed the poster.


Nazari Gardens

A few of our members have links to Velez de Benaudalla in one way or another. It is after all a lovely little town very nearby Órgiva and is home to the amazing Nazari vertical gardens. The exhibition is housed in the recently refurbished historical building of the Nazari gardens, pictured above.

Dress to Impress!

As usual, at ANA art exhibition openings, you can expect to be greeted by a host of international artists presenting their varied work in a beautiful space with music, wine and nibbles. This time, the artists seem to be promising to make some kind of effort to dress in pink for the opening night. So why not join in by wearing a dash of magenta, salmon, coral, fuchsia, raspberry, rose, flesh, bubblegum, blush, cerise, champagne, candy, carnation, blossom, peach, flamingo, watermelon, strawberry, naked, azalea, dusty, vintage, baby, Barbie, shocking, light or hot pink!

Reasons to Come Early

The inauguration has been organised to open at 6pm on Saturday 13th May. It really is worth arriving early, so you have time to take advantage of the FREE entrance in to investigate the stunning vertical Nazari gardens, experience the PINK art and to find the venue, as it is only sign posted for drivers.

Please refer to the official website for the correct opening times:
13th May – 4th June
Wednesday till Sunday
11h – 13h
17h – 19h
Closed Sunday evenings.


Here is an example of some pink art by artist Meg Robinson.

Meg Robinson Pink Painting


Cuando pienso en rosa
si alguien se equivoca,
pienso que por algo se equivocó.
No lo tengo en cuenta,
comprendo sus maneras,
miro con los ojos de la compasión.

Cuando siento en rosa
todo el que se encuentra a mi alrededor
es un ser humano
con todo su misterio
que merece mi respeto y mi admiración.

Cuando miro en rosa
todos los objetos de la creación
sacan su sonroja
y, como una esponja,
absorben los colores del pálido adiós.

Cuando vibro en rosa
como la canción que Edith Piaf cantó,
como el cuarzo rosa vibra en el amor,
de ella me acuerdo: de quien me crió.

Lucía Díaz
Órgiva, abril de 2017

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