Pop-Up Polopos – Review

See some photos and read what the artists have to say about their experiences of the first annual Polopos art walk. It was a one-day event and was recorded for Dutch Reality TV.

Emma Plunkett – Viejo Posada

Wow, that was a busy art event. Busloads of people were doing the art walk and our space was rammed. The whole village was alive with art-lovers. Lots of locals visited the space where I was exhibiting because they had connections to it dating back years, when it was the old inn. It was very unlike the typical white cube gallery space, which can be quite intimidating. I think the home setting made people feel more relaxed and able to engage with the art. The visitors looked closely and were speaking easily about what they saw. Emma Plunkett. Emma Plunkett

 Gareth Lister – Viejo Posada

A terrific event, and so well attended. The varied work on display highlights the wealth of talent that this area holds and this was a brilliant way of showcasing just that. Gareth Lister

Wes Somerville – John y Juani’s

I had the most immersive art experience I’ve had in a long time. The crude cave space where I showed my work added a deepened effect to what my work is about.
So many intense moments with so many people ….deeply touching. Wes Somerville

Michael Alexander – Casa 3

Michael Alexander Kufic Script Art Print
Michael Alexander Kufic Script Art Print

I loved having a whole wall to myself. My Kufic script sat on its own in a little room that felt like a chapel! Michael Alexander

Marilyn Fox – Traditions Wine

I loved the setting for Olivia Dryad, the natural stone walls worked well as her backdrop I thought. The visitors were lovely, the organisers did a fantastic job and thought of everything, the other inhabitants of the town, on the whole, were welcoming and friendly and the whole event was a great success in my opinion. I walked the route right at the very end of the evening and although I did sadly miss some of the exhibits, I did manage to catch a glimpse of the visitors’ experience and it was wonderful! So many different spaces each with its own unique ambiance and a fantastic range of art styles. So interesting! So enjoyable. A real sensational delight. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it was a little magical! As you can probably tell, I loved it! Xx. Marilyn Fox

Hilly Barmby – Traditions Wine

Like Marilyn, I thought our venue was fantastic, open to the sky, with natural light flooding in and rough neutral walls that only enhanced the artwork that was there. I didn’t realise there would be so many people coming on the walk but it was a wonderful experience speaking English and Spanish and listening to the comments from the viewers. The work from our little group of five ladies all complimented each other beautifully. Hilly Barmby

Fred Shively – Stay Inn Shape

Delightful venue and hosts. Like others, pleasantly surprised at the footfall. Jolly mayor and entourage made an effort and actually seemed to enjoy our work, said so, even bought so. I would love to see some of the clips from ‘Het Spanse Dorp’ the RTL 4 TV prog as the crew spent plenty of time recording in our space. All in all a worthwhile exercise particularly being supportive of other towns/villages, art undertakings and collaborations. Fred Shively

Media coverage

Sandra Álvarez Muñoz got a write up in the Spanish press: http://www.elindependientedegranada.es/ciudadania/polopos-pueblo-pequeno-que-contiene-mundo

Thank you to

Thank you for reading this and supporting our ventures. Thank you to everyone who has contributed their photographs for this blog, namely Fred Shively, Kristina Slaatto, Maryse Alen, Alan Wilkinson and to Pepe Visedo for the beautiful header image of Armelle Boussidan and her artwork.

A huge thank you to the organisers of the event – Wijnand Boon and Thysa Zevenbergen from Casa 3 and to everyone who helped and supported. Check out their Pop-Up Polopos website for me info about all the artists.

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