Proyecto ESTÁ Fundraiser

Both this blog post and the fundraiser are organised by Lisa Prudon

On a warm summer evening six members of ANA went up the Cerro Negro to the place of Proyecto ESTÁ (a non-profit holiday resort, providing all what a family with a child with a disability needs), which is run by Paulina Klein Schiphorst and her companions Jesse and Laura Verboom. We were invited to celebrate the birthday of Paulina’s foster son with special needs.

Proyecto Esta fundraiser

We gathered for a photoshoot to hand Paulina, Laura and Jesse, a symbolic cheque of the €130 and the money itself. Mouths and eyes were widely opened seeing the cheque, they never expected that much!

Proyecto Esta fundraiser

We had a wonderful evening on a place with an astonishing view, eating our home made pizza’s and having nice chats with the other guests around.

Proyecto Esta fundraiser
On saying goodbye to Paulina, she expressed her happiness and gratefulness again and ensured us that ANA will be always welcome at her place.

How the idea for this fundraiser started

It was early spring when our ANA group was getting ready to organise the Spring Show – the first group exhibition of the year, led by Gareth Lister. The theme was free, though it was requested that the art work was to have not been shown before in Órgiva. I didn’t have time to make anything new and decided it was time to show my tree drawings, ones I had made in a period of time when I was living in a caravan on land of my friends, Paulina and Nico.

Lisa Prudon tree drawings

The dream

Back then, it was my dream to get more into art and live from that, Paulina’s dream was to have a centre for people who have support needs, such as an intellectual disability and autism. I left the Paulina’s place to go and live in Órgiva town and so, through the years, for the both of us, bit by bit, our dreams started to become a reality. Some years ago, a very difficult period came for Paulina, when her husband got cancer and passed away. Being a strong, energetic and positive minded woman, Paulina managed to continue with her dream and this year she opened Proyecto Está for it’s first clients.


Because I was grateful that I was helped by Paulina during a difficult period in my life, I wanted to give 10% from the sales of my tree drawings, to her project. But then I also thought it would be great if the whole Spring Show would be a fundraiser for this non-profit organisation. I proposed this idea on one of our weekly ANA meetings and all members present, including the organiser Gareth, agreed.

The proceeds of the fundraiser

The opening night of the exhibition was a great success, it was well attended, including guests like the Mayor of Órgiva and the Councillor of culture and sport. Most guests were happily surprised how impressive the show looked. This was all thanks to a small team of ANA members who had worked tirelessly the whole week to get the holes in the walls filled, walls painted and the art work hung and arranged harmoniously. There was a great variation in the art work and a nice atmosphere set by the music of the band ‘Otra Banda’. Most of the artwork sales, and even the sales of the postcards of artwork, were made on the opening evening.

The Spring Show lasted three weeks and at the end we had raised €130 for Proyecto ESTÁ.

Photos by Yasmina Fly

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