RIP Claire Maclean

It is with great sadness we write to inform you of the death of valued ANA member Claire Maclean aka ClaraBaza. She was a ray of light and her practical skills were a gift to the group. Here is a little tribute film for those of you who wish to see her brilliant smile one more time.

Film by Emma Plunkett
Words by Jane Skellett
Soundtrack by Troy Hoggart

After suffering a brain haemorrhage in August, Clara remained in a vegetive state for two months. She was well looked after in the hospital in Granada and attended daily by her son Louis and her good friend Heather. From the accounts of her many friends who visited her in hospital, they say she released a little more each day until she slipped peacefully from this mortal plane of existence. Her spirit can now fly free and she will be remembered with love.

We will be organising a retrospective of her art in the spring.

Here is a portrait of our beloved Clara painted in watercolours by Emma Plunkett.

Claire Maclean RIP

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