Slow Looking – an art discussion

Emma Plunkett Art Talk

Emma Plunkett will lead a slow looking session at the “New & Old” exhibition in Órgiva’s old town hall on Tuesday 23rd April. The discussion will be in English and will be informal. Participants can come and go as they please and create splinter groups if they wish. As a group, participants will choose pieces to look at and discuss them together for a length of time.

The aim of slow looking

The aim is to explore the benefits of looking at art slowly. When you engage in long periods of slow looking, you will find a gradual opening of your senses, a deepening of your focus and an intimacy forming with the art or object you are looking at.

Some photos from the exhibition inauguration by Jo Chipchase

Art lovers engaging in slow looking

To really get the most out of a piece of art, Emma believes you need to stand in front of it and let it grow on you. Then, with others around to join in with the process, we can each embellish one another’s experience and understanding of the art.

Artists will also be present to give their interpretations and also the fuller stories from where their pieces sprung from.

The discussion will be filmed and uploaded to Youtube.

Time and Place

23rd April, 6–8pm

Upstairs at the old town hall, Órgiva, Granada, Spain.

Find out more about slow looking

If you want to inform yourself a little more before coming along to this event, take a look at Emma Plunkett’s blog, The Art of Slow Looking

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