Sortes Life Drawing 2018

On 7th February this year Tina and Maxine started a new life drawing class. We wanted to create a friendly, relaxed experience, working with professional models in an inspirational space. We were lucky to have a perfect light filled room provided by Maxine. Tina is responsible for organising the class and most of us have migrated from Taloolar’s class which finished in December 2017.

We meet every two weeks, the 2.5 hour session costs 7.50€ per person and includes refreshments at break time. We can accommodate seven artists comfortably with easels and boards provided and large paper available to buy. We play music which is conducive to quiet concentration and there’s an opportunity to use lighting and beautiful fabrics to enhance the pose. There is no teacher and the class is very democratic. We all pitch in with suggestions for poses and agree timings – so far this is working very well and there’s now a suggestion that we will expand the session to a full day’s painting. We have the chance to work outside in the summer, a lovely private light filled patio.

We are non-profit and excess funds will be used to buy any necessary materials. Our hope is to continue with this relaxed format and be open to new ideas as we go along. We are lucky to have so many professional models in Órgiva and some stunning work is being produced. To book a place in this workshop go to Sortes life drawing on Facebook, or message Tina on FB (Tina Thomsen) or call Tina on 690 345 403. We cannot take more than seven, so please book well before each Wednesday.

As a member of this group, all I can say is that it is fantastic and such a rewarding experience.

Thanks to Tina and Maxine for their time, space and effort.

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  1. Hi there,
    It’s lovely to read of your project.
    I’m in Orgiva for at least another month with modeling experience in the UK. I just thought I would let you know in case you fancied a change of body! Haha!


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