Strange Things – Art Exhibition

Paintings by Marilyn Fox and Maxine Friday

Dates: 30th Jan until the 17th Feb 2017
See the videos of this enchanting exhibition.

Come take a trip into the magic spiritual world of Maxine Friday’s art and also catch the creative endeavours of Marilyn Fox.
There will be live music, food, drinks, dancing and much more on the opening and closing nights.
Location: Las Torcas, Tablones, Órgiva


General Opening times: Mon – Fri 8.30 – 2pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs 4 – 7pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm.
Art exhibition by Marilyn Fox and Maxine Friday

Marilyn Fox

Marilyn Fox is an artist from Britain now living in Las Alpujarras, Andalucía, Spain. She is self taught and likes to play in all arenas, experimenting with all mediums and creating whatever feels right at any given time. She likes the idea that art both springs from and feeds the imagination, expresses emotions, inspires moods, tells stories and even nourishes the soul. She loves the synaesthesia of colour and the way that you can almost feel colours: the heat of red, warmth of pink, cool of blue, freshness of yellow and the zestiness of orange for example. For Marilyn, art is the universal language.

Maxine Friday

Maxine, who was born and lived in London, worked as a criminal defence lawyer up to her 50’s, when she finally found the opportunity to dedicate herself to art. She moved to Berlin in 2008 and started drawing and painting a year later. In Berlin she discovered the expressionist painters, Emile Nolde and Marianna Von Werefkin and various other German expressionist artists. She also cites Giorgio De Chirico as an influence.

This exhibition is a retrospective of those 5 years. Much of the art reflects her time spent in India before moving to Berlin and the spiritual awakening that she experienced there. Since then she has been living in the Alpujarras and spends her time between art and music.

Through expressionism she seeks to touch the emotions of the viewers inner child with her spiritually up lifting paintings.

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