Structural changes within ANA


It is with sadness that I have to announce the stepping down from the committee of Klaus Schumacher, treasurer and Maxine Friday, administrator. Their departure is for personal reasons and they will be missed. On behalf of all members, we thank them kindly for doing such a great job in their roles on the committee.

The committee

ANA will ask members if they wish to call an election or if they simply wish us to continue as we have been doing by asking members to put themselves forward in order to add the two new committee members. Gareth Lister has agreed to become treasurer and until an admin is appointed, I will take on those tasks for the time being. The committee is a voluntary role and this is how it stands at the moment – I, Emma Plunkett as Chair, Gareth Lister as Treasurer, Wes Somerville, Michael Alexander and Nikki Gibbs. We have found 7 committee members to be a good number.

ANA in a non-hierarchical organisation – however different roles demand different levels of responsibility. All members are encouraged and supported to lead projects.

Members are encouraged to communicate regularly with the committee with their issues and ideas – these will then be given time at the subsequent committee meeting.

We have 6 committee meetings a year, with an online group for ongoing communications.

Our future plans

The future of the group is bright! We are looking into becoming an association and to grow in that direction, with all that entails. This will put us in a good position to apply for grants, be eligible for other support and generally be taken more seriously by the local town halls.

In the future we plan to hold workshops with free facilities for our members, through the purchase and maintenance of group owned equipment and materials. It has been agreed that our first purchase is a portable print making press, that we will be buying in the name of the former ANA member and friend, Claire McClean, aka ClaraBaza! who sadly passed away. We have been looking for a suitable way to remember Claire and we think this is it. The press will have a dedication inscribed in her honour.

We have naturally developed a group ethic of inclusivity and equal representation for our tri-annual group shows – which we are now bringing inline with the main Spanish holiday dates – Christmas, Easter and Mid Summer. A written guide will be penned soon.

We are also looking at opening up to associate members – for all the visual people who love art but don’t necessarily make it themselves. People who are just as important in the field, such as art historians, arts administrators, art collectors and art technicians.

Our focus

The focus of the group remains flexible – working locally to stimulate art and creativity in our members and the wider community, through public exhibitions and discussions. Our community spirit is about supporting each other and aiming to have fun, as we work together to achieve our goals, together.

Our achievements

ANA has grown organically over the last 3 years, while still remaining true to our roots as a social gathering for artists. On average, we have 40 committed active members. Along with our weekly social meetings we also enjoy:

  • beautiful branding and publicity material
  • well organised and well attended exhibitions – resulting in sales
  • regular free exhibition spaces in Órgiva and Vélez de Benaudalla
  • a growing mailing list and a regular newsletter
  • a committee to enable easy decision making
  • an online presence, with a website in 2 languages
  • SEO – high Google search ranking for artists (type our artists names into an incognito page on Google)
  • a social media following on Instagram and Facebook
  • podcasts of art talks
  • an online private Facebook group for continuous discussions
  • an outline of our rules in a statute
  • a newly appointed marketing team, whose first aim is to define the primary message that ANA wants to project to the outside world.


So, even though we have to deal with the usual ebb and flow of life as we go along, exciting times abound for this creative hub in La Alpujarra!

Thank you for reading

Please read our About Page for more information about who we are and about the process for joining us.

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