The Sugar Factor

Written by Maxine Friday.

The opening of the finissage!

The sugar factory was already buzzing when we arrived there a bit later than we intended, 6:53pm!

An awe-inspiring place

Every time you enter that space, once again you are awe struck by its sheer majesty; a cathedral dedicated to art – and art was all around in all its guises.

La Azucarera Pilar, Motril are exhibition
Photo by StrangeDaze

Capturing acrobats on the move

There were beautiful supple women winding themselves around their acrobatic drapes, which hung from high above. Agile and with a feline grace they wound themselves from one pose to another. Beneath them were both aspiring and competent artists trying to catch their likeness, (or their mummy’s face) in the moments before they changed their pose.

Gracing Danger Aerial drawing club
Photo by StrangeDaze

Perfection site and space

The sugar factory and the art exhibition were just made for each other. The beauty of the architecture was complemented by the beauty of the pictures on show. They just looked like a marriage made in heaven. Perfect!

Photo by StrangeDaze
Photo by StrangeDaze


Two new bands from Orgiva took their place on the stage. The first was Xian Ra!, singer songwriters who performed solely their own compositions. They were original and fresh this new band who have only been together for 6 months.

Marilyn Fox singer of Xian-Ra!
Photo by Faye Allen


A 10-member band, followed them; with one of their members missing on the evening of the show, yet they still managed to raise the very high roof and the sugar factory rocked! In front of the stage, along the sides and up on the balcony bodies danced joyfully to their music. The music connected one and all with their pulsating rhythms and high energy.

Wazifa band Alpujarras funk
Photo by Faye Allen

Emma Plunkett, who has worked tirelessly for ANA, organised this amazing exhibition in aid of Acompalia Hospice Charity. A total of 2073,49€ was raised.

Thank you Miss Plunkett! Sweet!

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