Tierra de Brujas

Organised by ANA founder and sculptor Jose Vera and his wife Goretti, under the banner of LaB.958, this exhibition in the sala in Soportújar featured eight female artists, most of whom are members of ANA.

Photos, paintings, sculptures and drawings showcased the work of Yvonne Hallmans, Clarabaza, Patricia Seymour, Jeannette Hamann, Ariane Sigmund, Barbara Jinks, Delia McGrath and Mix Amylo, artists from Holland, Australia, Germany and the UK. The exhibition ran from 24th June to the 21st July, and locals from the village also contributed with crochet hats that were displayed near the entrance.


Future art plans for the village of Soportújar

The opening night was well-attended, with a lot of support from the ‘Presidente de la Mancomunidad de Municipios de la Alpujarra’ José Antonio Gómez, the vice president for tourism Raúl Ruiz Álvarez, the municipal corporation, and the mayoress of Bubión Mari Carmen Pérez Peréa. It is part of a push to bring more visitors to the village and future plans of LaB.958 include incorporating art in outside spaces, using sculpture, murals, projections, etc. A large sculpture by Jose Vera of a witch´s head, the emblem of Soportújar, is in progress, and the pueblo could house many more interesting artworks in the years to come.

Written by Mix Amylo

A short video of the expo:

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