Tierra Frágil Exhibition

It is with great excitement that we can announce our latest show called ‘Tierra Frágil’.

As before, it will be staged in the Old Townhall in Órgiva, which is such a wonderful venue to show art.

Many new artists have joined the ANA family and will be exhibiting their work in this exhibition. The range and quality of the work that will be on show are breathtaking, with prices to match every pocket. There will be paintings, photos, ceramics, sculptures, slide shows celebrating the member’s artwork and even cards to take away as souvenirs.

Why Fragile Earth you might ask? Carbon in the atmosphere, ice caps melting at unprecedented rates, deforestation, pesticide abuse, fracking, indiscriminate building, single use plastics.

Today few people in Europe are unaware of current extremely serious concerns over rapidly escalating climate change. In the face of this ANA aim to share our individual and collective visions of our position on Earth, this fragile biosphere we call home.


The Opening Night is Saturday 10th August and it promises to be a fantastic night where we can come together to look at great art and discuss what is happening in the world around us. Refreshments will be on offer.

Musica Barroca Alpujarras

Performing live baroque music on Aug 10th are:

Christianne Zeul – Recorder/Flauta Dolce
Anand – Flute
Nick Tasker – Oboe
Mariann Rosenbusch – Piano


At the Old Town Hall, Órgiva – 10 to 31 August 2019

Opening times:
Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7–10 pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11–1 pm


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