We are back!

Yes it has been a tough year. Yet, in spite of the restrictions, we have tried to keep in touch as a group with online meetings, so the conversation never stopped.  

We also had a change of leadership.  Emma Plunkett, with whom we achieved many notable exhibitions, moved to Barcelona and a new president, Gareth Lister, stepped in to carry on the great work.

Now it’s time to move forward!

The good news starts with the fact that we are now an official national association. But that’s just the beginning because:

A big idea has emerged. An idea has now turned into a plan which is happening. After months of meetings and hard work we can announce

Introducing La Fabrica: a new cultural hub in the Alpujarras for artists, musicians, dancers, actors, all kinds of performers and friends.

Located in Lanjarón, the door to the Alpujarras, the Gallego olive oil mill closed many years ago and has a history stretching back centuries.  

This is the unique setting for La Fabrica, a fantastic opportunity to ‘spread our wings.’ 

We do not believe visual art exists in a vacuum.  All of the arts can share and benefit from each other. So we are opening up ANA in this time when most of cultural life of the region has closed down.

La Fabrica will be a space that can provide endless possibilities for exhibitions and live performance, concerts, dance and theatre, workshops, education. There will be a modest café bar.  It will be a place to meet and socialize with like-minded friends. 

La Fabrica is situated on one of Lanjaron’s most historic streets, Calle Hondillo, with ample parking nearby on the main road.

A not-for-profit cultural hub run by artists and performers for artists, performers and their friends.

Phase one opening in early March

Right now work is going on to have Phase One open in early March. We are starting with the entrance area, which will be spacious enough for regularly changing exhibitions. And there will be a café bar and indoor garden, somewhere to sit and relax and chat with friends. A truly unique atmosphere.

Phase two

Phase Two is the main hall.  Everywhere traces of an industrial past.  A massive space with the potential for a stage, larger exhibitions and more. 

We need your support. We want you to join in and help this project grow.

A lot of physical work is needed to transform La Fabrica into a usable space. This is already happening on a voluntary basis and we need even more volunteers to join our team. 

The building has been sitting quietly for many years unused and decaying, so this is an ambitious project.  We need to find funding for essential infrastructure and upkeep. 

What do you think? Would you like to take part? Anyone can become a member.

La Fabrica will be a space for members. There will be several types of membership: 

Artist and performance (the full membership giving the opportunity to exhibit and perform. This requires an application process). 

Associate (for friends and family), open to everyone.

Temporary (one-time for exhibitions and performances). 

La Fabrica will require financial as well as physical help. We will be seeking donations from both private individuals, local and national funding and corporate sources. 

La Fabrica is destined to be one of the most vibrant, active and influential cultural hubs in the Alpujarras.

We welcome you, join in!



14 thoughts on “We are back!”

  1. Hi,

    Could you send me through an application form for Artist & Performance membership please. I’m over in Capileira a few times per year, but obviously not at present. I’d love to be involved in some way with this though, as the space looks great. Many thanks. Ade.

  2. Sounds very interesting. I’ll share this around and would like to attend as a visitor. Are you likely to have some sort of theatrical group performing plays and such. I might be interested in that. I’m also a photographer.

  3. Hello!
    It sounds amazing and I’m glad you are back on the track. I’m a musician, event organizer and manager and would love to be involved. I would like some more information about it be full membership.
    Thank you, Michi

  4. This sounds soooooo good. Well done you all. Please keep me in the loop. I would like to become a member. Now live down on the coast, so volunteering a bit difficult.

    Good on you all.

  5. Hi there,

    Would love to find out more about my husband and I becoming artist members, I have contacted you via the contact form with all our website etc details and a little about us. The project sounds amazing!

  6. Hello, I am also quite interested to get involved! Probably as artist member, is it possible to get more information about the place, the vision, the idea? everything i read resonates so deeply. creating a space for community – art and heart. my area is mostly music, poetry, with overlaps to dance, theater, as well as artist as workshop leader… super curious getting in touch with you all and the place!


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