Wilkinson’s Walkabout

30th June – 12th July.

Alan’s show was scheduled for August in the town hall of Castell de Ferro, however just two days ago it was changed to 30th June. Flyers were produced overnight, which caused frantic running in circles. If it wasn’t for Alan’s wife Carol, the show would not have been possible.

There are over thirty artworks in the exhibition all painted within the last few years, mostly oils of Andalusian landscapes and seascapes, depicting rural scenes where the sky is often reflected in the areas of water. Alan has also made several drawings of well known local people, which will be on show for the first time, so far unknown to them. He supposes for this, he could be closed down after the first night – this is the rogues gallery!

Obviously any or all of you in the area will be paid a small stipend to make an appearance at the exhibition 🙂

Opening times: 8pm–10pm, 30th June – 12th July
Oil painting by Alan Wilkinson

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